Winter 2020 Conference Presentations

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Key Metrics in Your Healthcare Practice - Cameron Cox, III, MHA, FACMPE

Can I Stay Independent? Yes, Make it Happen - Cameron Cox, III, MHA, FACMPE

Vision for the Future: What to Look for When Selecting an EMR Vendor - Brian Driskill

What To Do When the Feds Come Knocking - Navigating Fraud Investigations in 2020 - Daniel Martin and Michael Magner

Practice Management 101: Operations Panel Discussion - no handouts

Cybersecurity for Healthcare Practice: Focus on What Really Matters - Nic Cofield

How to Deal with Employee Behavior Proactively and Reactively - Maddox Casey, CPA

Practice Management 102: Human Resources - Sheri Morrison

2020 Washington Update - Drew Voytal

Practice Management 103: Revenue Cycle - Karen Lake, CMIS

The New Era of the War on Opoids - Daniel Martin and Michael Magner

Sensitivity in the Workplace - Catherine "Ree" Harper, Esq.

Time and Email Management - Kevin McDaniel, CPC, CLP

Practice Management 104: Compliance Update - Howard Bogard Esq.
Attachment - Proposed Stark Law Changes May Impact Physician Comp Models - Bogard

You've Been Upgraded
- Kevin McDaniel, CPC, CLP

Fire Up Your Life - The Power of Inner Leadership - Donna Hartley - no handouts