Membership FAQs

I am a member of National MGMA. Does this mean I am a member of MGMA/Alabama?

  • No. Membership with MGMA/Alabama is separate from or in addition to your national MGMA-ACMPE membership.  Although MGMA-ACMPE and MGMA/Alabama collaborate together, we are independent organizations, each offering our own membership, benefits, events, webinars and membership dues.

I am a member of a local chapter in Alabama.  Does this mean I am a member of MGMA/Alabama?

Memberships in any local chapters in the state of Alabama are separate from one another and separate from the state chapter.  If you join MGMA/Alabama, you are not a member of the local chapter in your area.  All chapters operate independently. For more information on MGMA local chapters in Alabama, please visit the Local Chapter tab on our website and contact one of the board members listed. 

How do I change my work or contact information?

  • Sign In to this web site using your MGMA/Alabama username/password and update your Member Account.

What is the membership year?

  • MGMA/Alabama operates on an anniversary date.  If you join March 1st, your dues will be due the following year on March 1st.

Can I transfer my state membership to another individual?

  • No. Membership is individual and not corporate and cannot be transferred to another individual.